World of Photonics Congress 2019: Structure

The World of Photonics Congress covers the entire world of photonics in a single event: Seven scientific conferences with plenaries and joint sessions and a practice-oriented lecture program address all aspects of optical technologies.

Clear conference structure to transparently depict all topics

Stucture of World of Photonics Congress 2019

To depict all aspects of optical technologies, the conferences at the World of Photonics Congress are oriented to the research sector’s close proximity to industry on the one hand and to photonics applications in the industrial and medical sectors on the other.

CLEO® / Europe – EQEC 2019

The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and the European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO® / Europe – EQEC) is the largest, most comprehensive and prestigious gathering of optics and photonics researchers and engineers in Europe. CLEO®/Europe will showcase the latest developments in a wide range of laser and photonics areas, EQEC, on the other hand, features the fundamentals of quantum optics.

CLEO® / Europe – EQEC 2019 is organized by the European Physical Society (EPS), the Optical Society (OSA) and the IEEE Photonics Society.

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Lasers in Manufacturing (LiM 2019)

LiM focuses on the latest developments as well as future trends in the field of laser material processing including process engineering, system technology and process optimization. The conference consists of three sub-conferences—one for macro applications, one for micro applications, and one for additive manufacturing.

LiM is organized by the German Scientific Laser Society (WLT).

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EOS Optical Technologies

"EOS Optical Technologies" covers two sub-conferences: the “Conference on Manufacturing, Tolerancing and Testing of Optical Systems” and the “Conference on Optofluidics”. Manufacturing of optical systems will highlight technology trends and technologies in the field of optics fabrication and testing. The latest trends in the integration of optics with microfluidics will be explored at the optofluidics conference.

Optical Technologies is organized by the European Optical Society (EOS).

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Imaging and Applied Optics

Imaging and Applied Optics provides a comprehensive view of the latest developments in imaging and applied optical sciences, covering the forefront advances in imaging and applied optics as well as the application of these technologies to important industrial, military and medical challenges. The scope of the research presented in ranges from fundamental research to applied.

Imaging and Applied Optics is organized by OSA—The Optical Society.

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Digital Optical Technologies

Digital Optical Technologies reflects trends in recent technologies such as 3D sensors, immersive multimedia, novel displays, light sources and imaging systems. Digital optical technologies include optics designed by digital means, fabricated by digital means, with functionalities enhanced or altered by digital techniques (computational optics or dynamic optics).

Digital Optical Technologies is organized by SPIE Europe.

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Optical Metrology

Optical Metrology focuses on the latest research in measurement systems, optical metrology, modeling, videometrics, inspection and machine vision with applications for solving measurement and inspection problems in industrial design and production engineering, vehicle navigation, multimedia technology, architecture, archaeology and the arts.

Optical Metrology is organized by SPIE Europe.

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European Conferences on Biomedical Optics (ECBO)

ECBO covers basic science, new technology and applications in the fields of advanced microscopy, clinical and biomedical spectroscopy, diffuse optical imaging, molecular imaging, optical coherence tomography and other coherence techniques, therapeutic laser applications, laser-tissue interactions, opto-acoustic methods, and other new biophotonics techniques.

The 2019 conference is organized by SPIE with the support of OSA—The Optical Society.

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