How to submit a paper

Would you like to submit a paper? Here you can find all details to present your work at the World of Photonics Congress. Present your work in Munich!

The World of Photonics Congress consists of a variety of seven independent conferences. Take a look at the various conference programs and also calls for papers to decide which conference best suits your scientific work. Submit your abstract to the respective organizing scientific society.

Submissions are closed for this year. See you in 2021!

Become a speaker

Present a lecture or display a poster at the World of Photonics Congress and submit an abstract.

Become a speaker
Speaker's check-in

Prior to your presentation your final presentation will be relayed directly to the conference room.

Speakers check-in
Russian Visa
Getting there
Visa service for participants

For residents of all countries where a visa is required, we set up our own visa service.

Visa service